Friday, September 12, 2008

Pictures & Shoes

On Tuesday, Noni & Dandy(my mom & dad) helped me take the twins for their 9 mos pictures. We used Picture People at the mall & LOVE THEM!! I just wish I'd known about them for the 3 mos & 6 mos pics, but oh well.
The idea there is that you have a 40 min picture session, then see your pics w/n 15 mins & go home w/ prints! We ended up having to wait quite a bit longer, but I'm not even upset as the pics turned out SO GOOD! Drew & Ava were wonderful. Very little fussing, even w/ the long wait.
This is the frame I got:
Aren't they adorable? :) Ava, always the little model, did not disappoint with beautiful smiles. Drew, being a little more reserved, took a little while to warm up, but we ended up with some great smiles from him, too.

While we waited for our pictures, Noni & Dandy took the twins to Stride-Rite to get them fitted for & buy some shoes:

Drew is our resident 'big-foot'. At only 9 mos, he is already wearing a size 5M.
He seems to think they are more for playing w/ than walking on...he especially likes to chew on them!

Ava is a petite little girl(well at least her feet are petite ;)), wearing a size 3.
She's just not quite sure what in the world I put on her feet! :)


Gary said...

I love, love, love this blog. The pics warm my day. Love, pop

Kelly said...

Their shoes are adorable! Aubrey hates shoes. She's got itty bitty feet and is only wearing a size 2.