Monday, May 10, 2010

Bouncy bouncy bouncy

Ava & Drew LOVE to jump, bounce & hop. They can often be found hopping like frogs & screaming RIBBIT through the house. They very seldom walk anywhere....they jump. They jump ON the couch, OFF the couch & have even attempted to jump from the floor TO the couch! We started talking a couple of months ago about getting them an indoor, small trampoline to try to channel this jumping energy into an appropriate outlet. I felt that most of these trampolines(at least within our price range) seemed a little dangerous for 2 toddlers to jump on together(because of course they will HAVE to jump together!). Then I was flipping through the One Step Ahead catalog & saw the Bounce A Round. PERFECT! It's a smallish inflatable...with inflated sides. Made for 2 kids. Just what we need. And not incredibly expensive...even better! :)

We got it about 2 weeks ago, but had to get a pump for it, which I got last week while Ava & Drew were in San Antonio. Jeremy got it blown up Saturday afternoon & the kids LOVE IT. I really thought they would...they love the big inflatables & now they have one of their own!

Though we've already had a few injuries(mostly bumping heads), they are having a blast in it. They seem to be catching on that no toys are allowed in it & we've only had to turn it around(so they can't enter) twice--I think that's pretty good! ;)
I can tell this will be a lifesaver on rainy days & scorching hot afternoons when we can't go outside. Very good purchase, I think! :)

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