Thursday, November 4, 2010

The rest of October

October has been a busy month for us. Between Pres' birthday celebrations, playdates & travelling(among other things), we've not had a minute to spare around here. These are a few of the things that have kept us busy.

A couple weekends ago, Jeremy took Ava & Drew to get pumpkins so they could color on them & then make jack-o-lanterns. They got a kick out of writing on them:

After they were finished, we put them on the back porch & every morning (&several times throughout the day) they would go to the back door & talk to them. Very cute!

I love pumpkin bread & had been wanting a recipe for a while, so I asked my friend Vanessa @ Feed My Monkeys for one. She shared hers & I asked Ava & Drew for help. Here they are greasing the bread pans. (We LOVE our Learning Tower, by the way!) The 1st batch didn't turn out great because I over cooked them, but we will try again soon!

Here's Pres watching the baking from the doorway. She stayed pretty happy for the time it took.

Last week, I decided it was time to try *real* fingerpaints. We tried it a few months ago with pudding & they seemed to enjoy that. Ava was even more into it this time.

We have been 'storing' Raffi the Rocking Giraffe in Presley's room. A week or so ago, I was playing with her in her room (one of the mornings she decided to get up at 5:30am) & she took an interest in it. So, I brought it downstairs & she's had a blast with it! She learned very quickly how to get on & off all by herself! :)

Ava & Drew are also enjoying having 'him' out again!

Last picture & I KNOW someday Drew will not be happy with me for sharing this, but right now he thinks it's funny ! Ava & Drew have started wanting to sleep together. I don't mind & so they've been hanging out in each other's rooms for a while after bedtime(for the record, they have yet to *actually* sleep in the same room--they always get in trouble for being too loud or start fighting!). One night they decided to raid Ava's drawers & change pants. Hilariously, the 'pants' that they picked out were actually TIGHTS! I'm just surprised they were able to get them on by themselves!

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