Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November from my phone

Since our house has been on the market, our camera has been packed away in the back of the closet & we kind of keep forgetting to get it out. So, most of our memories from the last month are on our phones. Fortunately, they take fairly good pics....at least for blogging purposes! We've had a good month. The kids & I spent a weekend in Lindale to give Jeremy some quiet time to work & I went to a good friend's baby shower. We rode the train at the mall. On Thanksgiving day, we went to Seguin to Jeremy's parent's house. We had a good time, but (of course) forgot our camera! In the midst, I've been packing up the house.

These are in reverse order. It's much too difficult & time consuming to rearrange them.

This past weekend, Ava & Drew spent in Lindale so I would have lots of time to pack & Jeremy could work. Saturday morning we had a showing, so Jeremy, Pres & I went to Kirby Lane for breakfast. Pres was pretty patient during the 30 minute wait. Here she is looking outside while playing with her phone:

Ava & Drew have found a new love for their megablocks & ask for them almost daily. Here is a superfort that they(with a little help) put together.

Cheering on the Aggies! What a great year!

Ava finally agreed to wear boots. My mom has been trying to get her some for a year & Ava has refused to put them on. I think Drew having his cowboy boots swayed her opinion of them!

Drew tried to throw one of his cars up in the tree....it fell & cut him between his lip & nose. Very sad. (a day later, while pitching a fit, he threw himself at the stairs & busted his top lip. he really looked pretty pitiful for a while!)

All 3 kids love to be outside. Before Pres was really walking, I would put her in the wagon & we'd either follow Ava & Drew while they rode their trycycles, or she'd just hang out while they played. Now that she's walking, she'll only consent to being in the wagon if we're going to check the mail. She loves to 'chase' Ava & Drew!

We made a fort & everyone played HAPPILY together.

We try to get out of the house at least 3 mornings a week. Usually, we do the bounce house one day, a playdate somewhere another day & go to HEB(or sometimes Target) the last. Most of the time when we go to HEB(the grocery store), we just go to look at toys & get 1 or 2 items. When we do that, we just get a regular cart; Drew & Pres ride in the top & Ava rides in the big part(her preference). They get to walk up & down the toy aisles, then ride for the rest of the trip. On this day, we actually had to buy our groceries for the week, so we got the BIG cart. It was the 1st time we used this one & they got a kick out of it...for a little while! Then they wanted to walk. But, we got everything we needed!

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