Friday, October 22, 2010

What's going on...

Well, apparently we got past Presley's birthday & (as far as the blog goes)time stopped. Then I checked the calendar & 2 weeks have gone by with no posts. I don't know where the time went.
We celebrated Pres' birthday with Jeremy's family the following weekend. I know I have pics...but, the camera has been put away & I have not found the motivation to dig it out. I'll get to it....someday! ;)

We took Presley's 1 yr/A&D's 3 yr/family pictures last Wednesday. Instead of doing them at a studio like we always have, we decided to find a photographer(Neely Brook Photography) who would take them outside. She suggested a local park & we met there at 9:00am(VERY crazy morning trying to get all 5 of us in picture-ready condition AND leave the house BY 8:00am--but we made it! And I think we all look good! :)). We really had a good time taking the pictures. When she was doing individuals of one child, the other 2 could roam around & look at the flowers/water/peacocks & they stayed HAPPY!! And I think they turned out pretty well, too. (If you go to her website, you can look at some of our pics on her blog)

Ava & Drew spent the following weekend at my parent's house. Drew had decided that he needed some cowboy boots like Dandy, so Friday they went shopping for boots.

You can kind of see them in this picure of them at the Pumpkin patch. He has worn them at every opportunity since & LOVES them(& looks adorable, too!).

While they played in Lindale, Pres & I ran errands here. I have to keep her busy when A&D aren't here, because she gets SO grumpy--I guess it's because she misses them ... which is sweet, but it also makes for a very tired mommy at the end of each day! :)

And here's a bunch of random pics (taken with my phone) from the last couple of weeks:

I'm not exactly sure...but, it was SO funny(if the hysterical laughter under there was any indication)

Pres has started giving(slobbery, open mouth) kisses:

We've been going to the bounce house almost weekly. All 3 of the kids LOVE it & for only $10, it's a great way to run off A LOT of energy. Last week, there was a new HUGE inflatable this is only about 1/4 of it. It's great b/c I can get in one corner with Pres(yes, I have to get in sometimes) & A&D can play on the big slide & other fun things.

Ava & Drew have always loved puzzles, but have been getting bored with the big wooden puzzles for a while. My mom got them a small(10ish) pc jigsaw a month ago & they loved it & figured it out quickly. So, when we were at Target early last week, I saw these 24 pc jigsaw puzzles. They got them(for good behavior) & did great at putting them together. They're already almost too easy for them. Guess we have to go bigger!

Well, that pretty much catches us up. I need to do better at taking pics(& then downloading them).....but we seem to keep pretty busy around here(maybe it's the 3 kids...who knows! :)).

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