Saturday, September 4, 2010

Uh oh Dew

Ava & Drew find it very funny that Pres says 'uh oh' all the time. Recently, they've started egging her on & the other day at the table they made a little game of it. Pres would say uh oh, then Ava & Drew would start screaming: uh oh Ava, uh oh Drew, uh oh Pres, uh oh mommy. And everytime they said it, Pres would mock them, saying UH OH....then all of a sudden, she said UH OH DEW. Drew immediately stopped talking(shocker), got big eyes & the biggest grin. Now she says 'uh oh dew' as often as she just says 'uh oh'. Drew just loves hearing her say his name.
On to learning Ava's name next! :)

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