Thursday, November 12, 2009

Presley Rae at 1 month

Wow, has it already been a month!? The time has just flown by. I guess having a newborn & chasing 2 toddlers around will do that! ;) We're all settling in pretty well. Ava really seems to be warming up to Pres & Drew absolutely loves her.
Presley is a pretty laid back baby. She sleeps well at night & has started to have more awake time during the day. The only crying we hear is when she's hungry. She likes to swing & watch Ava & Drew....she always has a smile for Drew when he does tummy time w/ her! :)
We had her 1 month well check yesterday day. She is 9#2oz(50%) & 23 in(95%). That's a little over a pound heavier than her birthweight & 2 inches longer!! She's already outgrown all her newborn sized clothes & any 3 month onesies(lengthwise!).

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Penni Jordan said...


Presley is just beautiful! I love her complexion. Can't wait to see her!