Sunday, January 11, 2009

Found the wool love!

I began cloth diapering when Ava & Drew were 3 mos old. I started with bumgenius one-size diapers. These were a wonderful starting diaper for us, as they work very much like disposables. Plus, they are able to fit a baby till potty learning. I still use these for outings, but have moved on to more 'breathable' diapers since then. I use mostly prefolds & fitteds with PUL covers at home. These are great most of the time, but the covers don't allow any air to get to the babies bottoms.

I've just recently takent the 'next step' in cloth diapering: wool. I had 2 pairs of wool 'longies' made for Ava & Drew. Longies are like covers & pants all rolled into one. They are so adorable, well-made, & comfy. Best of all, they allow air to get in the diaper--& help ward off diaper rash, which Ava is prone to--while keeping them warm.

Here are a couple of action shots from yesterday. Both Ava & Drew were very interested in the new 'pants'...especially the drawstring.

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