Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bye bye exersaucer!

I've decided it's time to retire our exersaucer. They still 'fit' size-wise, but since Drew has gotten strong enough to tip it over--and has been trying to do that with Ava in it!--I think it's time it was taken away. Plus, I *hear* they may be getting an early birthday present tomorrow! ;)

We got the exersaucer when they were about 4 mos old. At 1st, we had to put a blanket behind them to keep them steady & phone books under their feet so they would touch!

A totally different picture 6 mos later!

Saying goodbye... :(
Now, I get to tear it down, clean it all up & hide it away before they wake up from their naps. It'll be interesting to see if they even notice! ;)

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